Author: Holly M.

Hi there, Welcome to my profile, and thanks for stopping by. Naturally, you'd like to know a little about someone you're interested in hiring. So let me tell you what others would say first. I am pretty down-to-earth, a heartfelt narrator, and communication is important to me. I typically mention my experience in sales, blogging, ghostwriting, podcasting, and informational research articles. Additionally, I have experience working in veterinary medicine, home security, homeschooling, and marketing for a nonprofit. I have been freelancing for nearly three years, but I enjoy using Upwork the most. I am open to clients who value creativity and diversity. I enjoy writing in-depth articles, and I do so by using smooth transitions and easy to understand terms. Hopefully, this isn't too short and sweet. If there is something I can assist you with, and I haven't mentioned it in my cover letter, please feel free to message me.